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Unlock the power of AI with Bitskout, a proficient AI tool adept at mining data from a diverse range of documents. This includes everything from emails and invoices to business cards and bills. It's designed to boost efficiency and precision, allowing you to capitalize on AI's capabilities. seamlessly integrates with well-known platforms like Asana, Zapier, and Power Automate, granting you the ability to create plugins that can interpret and extract data from documents swiftly. This extracted data can then be utilized within these integrated tools to automate workflows, thus streamlining processes.

Bitskout comes equipped with over 40 pre-built templates covering an array of use cases, including Purchase Orders, Invoices, CVs, and Bills of Lading. This enables users to easily search and select templates that align with their team requirements or conduct a quick search for specific plugins.

With Bitskout's intelligent agents, you can gain instant insights about processed information. By setting the right permissions in your plugins, you can ask questions and receive immediate answers. It's like having a personal AI assistant that can instantly answer queries such as 'How much did we pay for Amazon in December?' or 'What account did we use to pay for PO 1514134?'.

Bitskout also provides a concise tour to guide users in crafting custom plugins for different types of documents. It prides itself on its ability to eliminate tedious and manual data entry tasks, with a 24/7 availability, no coding requirements, and seamless integration with existing tools.

In conclusion, Bitskout is designed to simplify data extraction from documents, cut down manual efforts, and empower users to leverage AI technology effectively. This results in enhanced productivity and significant time savings.

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