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The AI tool, CareerPen, excels at generating personalized cover letters for job applications, utilizing your LinkedIn profile for its task. As a browser extension, it adds a button to each LinkedIn job post, allowing the creation of a specific, tailor-made cover letter with just a click.

This tool's AI scours both the job post and your LinkedIn profile, crafting a powerful cover letter that emphasizes your relevant skills and experience. With CareerPen, the time-consuming task of writing individual cover letters for job applications is eliminated, enabling you to apply for a multitude of jobs daily.

CareerPen's pricing plans are based on the number of cover letters you intend to generate. There is a starter pack for $10 for ten tokens, where each token can generate one cover letter. The pro pack costs $20 for 30 tokens, and the premium pack costs $40 for 120 tokens. For those who want to review the source code, CareerPen is open and secure.

You can enjoy all the features CareerPen offers without installing the browser extension. Moreover, CareerPen is developing a new feature to generate answers to HR survey questions that appear during LinkedIn's Quick Apply flow, further enhancing your ability to send numerous high-quality applications per hour.

To summarize, CareerPen, accessible at, is a powerful tool that enhances the job application process by automating the creation of personalized cover letters. This AI tool is ideal for job seekers who value efficiency and quality in their application process. With features such as customized cover letter generation, flexible pricing plans, and upcoming enhancements like auto-generated HR survey responses, CareerPen is poised to revolutionize the way you apply for jobs.

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