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Discover the power of AI in customer support with Robojin, an AI tool designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing customer support systems such as Crisp Chat, Intercom, and Freshdesk. This tool enhances your response capabilities, ensuring your customers receive prompt, accurate, and helpful information.

Robojin uses ChatGPT technology, harnessing information from your website content, knowledge base, PDF documents, SOPs, and FAQs. This ensures the provision of consistent and high-quality responses, fostering improved customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it's capable of handling a high volume of inquiries simultaneously, making it a suitable companion for businesses of any size.

With Robojin, you'll be able to provide inclusive and accessible customer service on a global scale, thanks to its multilingual support. To cater to varying business needs, it offers diverse pricing plans, each with a different set of features such as the number of chatbots, web/PDF pages, languages supported, and ChatGPT response limits. For businesses with specific requirements, a custom plan option is also available.

Keeping security in mind, Robojin requires users to provide their own OpenAI API key for training the chatbot and answering customer inquiries. It ensures that these API keys are securely encrypted and safely stored in the database. Robojin already integrates with Crisp Chat, and the integration options for Intercom, Zendesk, and Freshdesk are on the horizon.

In summary, Robojin is a powerful AI tool that enhances customer support capabilities. It provides prompt and accurate responses, handles high volumes of inquiries, supports multiple languages, and offers flexible pricing plans. It's a smart choice for businesses looking to improve their customer service and leverage the power of AI.

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