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Imagine having the capacity to create and launch your own AI assistants for voice and chat interactions? With VoiceXD, this becomes a reality. This AI tool streamlines the process of designing, testing, and publishing advanced, customized AI assistants powered by the GPT technology.

Through an intuitive flow builder, VoiceXD provides the means to develop powerful AI assistants accomplishing complex tasks and multi-step actions, all without the need for coding. The tool also enables users to generate content such as training data, assistant responses, and multi-turn conversation flows using AI generation tools.

One of the many features of VoiceXD includes seamless collaboration. By centralizing designs, content, and data, it facilitates teams to work together in real time. The tool also assists in the creation of high-fidelity prototypes and testing data integrations to validate experiences early, reducing post-development adjustments.

Deployment is a breeze with VoiceXD. It supports various voice and chat channels, simplifying the process of testing and publishing. Moreover, the tool emphasizes on data security ensuring that data accessed by the created assistants is securely protected and not used for training purposes.

What sets VoiceXD apart is its AI-Companion beta feature that harnesses the power of GPT-3 to generate content and options for specific brand tones. It's a platform that brings conversation design within reach, providing a low barrier to entry compared to other platforms.

In conclusion, VoiceXD stands out as an AI tool that empowers users to design and launch their own AI assistants for chat and voice interactions. Its features range from an intuitive flow builder, a centralized design system for collaborative work, to a secure deployment process. Whether you're a startup or an established business, VoiceXD will help you create tailored AI assistants, making conversation design accessible to all.

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