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Welcome to the online world of generative image applications, hosted by a unique platform, The platform offers a collaborative space where you can explore, create, and share images conceived by AI tools for Architectural and Interior Design.

Designed to simplify the process of transforming models into web-based applications, eliminates the need for managing GPUs. Currently in its beta phase, this platform is eager to onboard more models and expand its offerings.

Inside the platform, you will find various generative image applications. Industrial Design, for instance, is a machine learning model that's been trained on an array of industrial design objects. It enables you to produce sketch renders and conduct shape explorations.

Another noteworthy application is Arch-E, capable of generating images of buildings based on simple text descriptions. It's also able to render architectural sketches with photorealistic results. doesn't stop there, though. It also presents Cinema AI, a photorealistic model fine-tuned to replicate film-grain lenses and cinematic composition, letting you create captivating stills from unseen movies.

Lastly, there's Dwellara: Interior Designer. This AI tool visualizes and redesigns living spaces according to your preferences. is dedicated to offering practical assistance in the realm of generative image applications. Its primary focus is on professionals in sectors like architecture, interior design, and industrial design. It empowers them to leverage AI technologies to elevate their creative processes and visualization capacities.

In summary, is a hub for various AI tools that generate images for different applications. From architecture to interior and industrial design, this platform provides professionals with a user-friendly interface to enhance their creativity. By using the AI tool, users can generate photorealistic images, simulate unseen movies, and design living spaces, among other capabilities.

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