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Introducing the Attune Health Mobile App, a revolutionary AI tool that transforms your smartphone into a personal wellness assistant. This app leverages advanced AI algorithms to precisely measure key vital signs like blood pressure, oxygen saturation, HRV, stress levels, and even Hemoglobin - all without any need for external wearable devices. The app simply uses your phone's camera and delivers real-time readings.

The tool's user-friendly interface provides gender-specific results for improved accuracy. With the utmost importance placed on privacy, rest assured that your data is secure and accessible only by you. Attune Health offers a unique wellness score feature, enabling you to keep tabs on different wellness indicators effortlessly. This feature-packed app is free to download and can be used by your entire family, offering an unbeatable value proposition.

But the benefits don't stop at personal use. Businesses can also leverage this tool to foster wellness amongst their employees. By promoting healthier lifestyles, companies can boost overall productivity and job satisfaction. To further support users, offers a range of resources, including a help center, blog, and roadmap.

In summary, Attune Health Mobile App is an innovative solution that brings health and wellness monitoring to the palm of your hand. Its main features include contactless vital sign measurements, real-time data, gender-specific results, and a comprehensive wellness score. Users can benefit from improved health tracking, while businesses can promote a healthier workforce. This AI tool truly modernizes the way we approach health and wellness.

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