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Experience the transformation of written content to audio with the remarkable, an AI tool that offers ultra-realistic voice output. Whether you're dealing with web articles, PDF files, emails, or other text-based materials, Audioread has got you covered. Imagine being able to absorb content without having to stop your daily activities such as exercising, cooking, or commuting. It's not just about convenience, it's about efficiency and multitasking.

With, you can easily convert text into audio through a variety of methods - forwarding emails, dragging and dropping PDFs, copying and pasting text, or even simply highlighting it. It offers you the flexibility to create and subscribe to your personal podcast, compatible with major podcast apps like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Overcast.

Not a podcast person? No problem. also lets you listen directly in your browser. It even provides a free trial to get you started. The paid version pushes the boundaries even further by offering unlimited daily word conversions, support for up to 18 languages, and the ability to convert up to 100,000 words per conversion, all for a monthly subscription of just $15.

It's no wonder that has received high praise from YouTubers like Thomas Frank and featured in articles such as 'The Age of AI Has Begun' on If you're someone who values time and seeks to get more done, Audioread is the perfect solution. It allows you to listen to long articles, PDFs, and emails while carrying out other tasks, making it a powerful tool for productivity.

In summary, is an advanced AI tool that converts text into realistic audio, enabling you to listen to content while performing other activities. It supports various input methods, offers a personal podcast feature, and includes direct browser listening. With support for multiple languages and high volume conversions, it's your go-to tool for time-efficiency and multitasking.

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