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Imagine a tool that can instantly provide explanations for your code right within your code editor. That's exactly what Code-GPT, an AI tool, does. This extension for Visual Studio Code (VSCode) leverages artificial intelligence to help you understand your code better, thereby increasing your coding efficiency and enhancing your skills.

With Code-GPT, you don't have to spend countless hours trying to decipher complex code. It's a simple, user-friendly extension that's easy to install and use. You can select any part of your code, open the Command Palette, type 'Explain Selected Code', and if prompted, provide your email address.

Within moments, you'll receive a detailed explanation of the selected code right in your VSCode editor. This AI tool is a creation of VaibhavAcharya, a seasoned web developer and AI researcher, making it a reliable and efficient tool for all your coding needs. And the best part? It's absolutely free.

In summary, Code-GPT is a powerful AI tool that offers instant code explanations within your VSCode editor. From helping you understand complex code to improving your coding skills, it's a useful tool for both novice and experienced coders. So why not cut down on your coding time and increase your efficiency with Code-GPT?

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