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AI-HELPER is an AI tool that serves as an instant gateway to GPT-4 on any website. This tool offers complete ownership and access to the source code, enabling you to modify, distribute, or even resell it as per your needs.

Imagine boosting your productivity threefold with the variety of functions it provides. From generating top-notch content, scripting code, formulating Excel equations, to rewriting, researching, and summarizing, AI-HELPER is equipped to handle it all. Regardless of your operating system, be it macOS or Windows, this tool can seamlessly integrate into your workflow.

Its ease of use is also noteworthy. All you need to do is type 'help:' followed by your query and ending it with a semi-colon. No subscriptions needed. A simple one-time purchase grants you access to the tool, including all its future updates. Make the most of this opportunity by starting your own AI startup, resell the tool at your desired price, and enjoy the benefits of full ownership and source code access.

AI-HELPER is reasonably priced at $29 for the first 10 slots, with prices incrementing to $49 for 100 spots and $99 for unlimited spots. The installation process is straightforward, requiring you to install AI-Help and then locate the ChatGPT API KEY. You can potentially save 1 to 2 hours a day by leveraging AI-HELPER, and also acquire new knowledge in the process.

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In conclusion, AI-HELPER is a versatile AI tool that offers a range of features, from content generation to code writing. It's not only a tool but an opportunity to start your own AI-based business. With its ease of use and potential to significantly enhance productivity, AI-HELPER is a valuable asset for anyone looking to leverage AI in their daily tasks.

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