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Explore the potential of your smartphone with HeardThat, an AI tool that works in harmony with your current hearing aids or earphones. This innovative application serves as a hearing assistance device, expertly enhancing speech in environments filled with noise. It does so by isolating and eliminating any disruptive background noise, providing a clear, easily-understandable speech.

HeardThat.AI employs the power of artificial intelligence, using sophisticated algorithms to separate speech from noise effectively. This functionality makes conversations more manageable. The procedure is straightforward. Simply download the application, connect your hearing aids or earphones to your smartphone, and point your device towards the source of conversation, such as a person or television.

HeardThat takes advantage of the computational prowess of your smartphone to analyze speech and deliver clearer sound to your connected hearing devices. This eliminates the need for extra or new hearing devices, making it a cost-effective solution for those dealing with hearing difficulties.

The ease of use is another factor that sets HeardThat apart. All it takes is a push of a button to start improving your hearing experience. Users have reported a significant reduction in their conversational strain, making their interactions more enjoyable. It's worth noting that HeardThat does not require an internet connection to function and can be downloaded free of charge from HeardThat.AI.

In summary, HeardThat stands as a practical and innovative solution for people with hearing difficulties, seeking to improve their hearing experience in noisy and challenging environments. It utilizes AI to enhance speech, works with your existing hearing devices, and is easy to use. This tool has the potential to transform daily conversations into a less strenuous and more enjoyable experience.

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