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Unleash the power of Python right inside your ChatGPT with JPT, an AI tool that's a Chrome extension. This tool enables you to execute Python code without the hassle of copying and pasting it back and forth. It provides the convenience of working within the rich Python ecosystem, with access to libraries such as numpy, scipy, and matplotlib.

With the use of Pyodide, a WASM-based Python interpreter, your code execution takes place entirely inside your browser. This ensures that only you and OpenAI have access to the code you're working on. Please note, JPT is still under development and may not yet provide a complete Jupyter Notebook experience within ChatGPT.

Getting started with JPT is straightforward. Simply instruct ChatGPT to write a Python program, such as a hello world example, then hit the 'Run' button. The first execution might take a bit longer, but subsequent runs should be faster. You can modify your Python code as needed by pressing the 'Edit' button. This won't save your changes permanently, but it does allow for on-the-spot modifications.

Importing Python packages is a breeze with JPT. You can use micropip, like `micropip.install("scipy")`. The tool gives you the capability to execute Python code, edit it, view the output from stdout, and even visualize plots from matplotlib. However, beware of infinite loops, as these may cause JPT to freeze, necessitating a restart of the extension.

While JPT currently does not support user input, future enhancements are in the works. These include plans to support local filesystems, the ability to export chats as notebooks, and to reduce the overall size of the extension.

In summary, JPT is a versatile AI tool that integrates Python programming directly into ChatGPT. It offers a range of functions, from running and editing Python code to viewing stdout output and matplotlib plots. Whether you're learning to code or an experienced developer, JPT can streamline your coding process and enhance your ChatGPT experience.

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