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Unveiling Lintrule, an AI tool specially designed to maximize productivity in the realm of code reviews. It's a command-line platform that harnesses the power of a large language model (LLM). offers a more comprehensive approach to code review than your typical linters and tests, identifying bugs that might otherwise slip through, and enforcing policies that are beyond the scope of conventional linters.

Installing the AI tool is a breeze. It's compatible with MacOS, Linux, and WSL, and can be set up through a simple CLI command. Once installed, it elevates your code quality without consuming precious time, making it an ideal tool for fast-paced development teams.

One of the defining features of Lintrule is its ability to interpret rules written in plain language. You can create rules tailored to your project and the tool will dutifully check multiple files in parallel. It doesn't just deliver pass or fail results, it also pinpoints the exact issues that need to be addressed. is also designed to seamlessly integrate with popular platforms like GitHub.

With Lintrule, you can also customize the range of files to apply the rules to, enhancing the tool's adaptability to your project. While acknowledging the possibility of false positives, recommends writing specific rules to keep them to a minimum.

In summary, Lintrule is a high-powered AI tool that leverages a large language model to ramp up code review processes. It's a versatile platform that enforces policies, identifies bugs, and promotes superior code quality. Regardless of your project's size, it offers a cost-effective solution with its pricing based on the number of lines of code changed. It's more than just a tool, it's a game changer for code reviews.

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