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Discover the prowess of, an AI tool that supercharges your software development process. This tool empowers developers to generate high-quality code swiftly and without hassle, utilizing AI-powered autocomplete. This feature significantly cuts down time spent on boilerplate and Stack Overflow coding, allowing you to craft production-ready code with a single click.'s innovative prompt-driven development functionality allows you to guide the AI in modifying your code. This dynamic feature creates an interactive development environment that caters to your specific coding requirements. A promising addition to the's suite of features is test generation capabilities. This functionality, which will be launching soon, produces unit tests automatically through AI and metaprogramming, further enhancing your coding efficiency.

Seamlessly integrating with VS Code, Jupyter, and GitHub, can easily fit into your existing workflows. You can find this tool on the Visual Studio Marketplace, offering an effortless way to enhance your software development process. Users are also offered the opportunity to book a demo to experience firsthand how can revolutionize their workflow.

In summary, is an AI-enhanced tool designed to boost software development efficiency and quality. With features like AI-powered autocomplete, prompt-driven development, and the upcoming test generation capability, it offers a comprehensive solution for developers. By integrating with popular platforms like VS Code, Jupyter, and GitHub, it fits easily into any workflow. Whether you're looking to speed up your coding process or produce higher quality code, has a solution for you.

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