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Soon app is an AI tool that fully revolutionizes the way you invest in cryptocurrency, eliminating the need to speculate and stress over your investments. With the aid of dollar-cost averaging, the tool makes investments on your behalf, eliminating the need to decide when to buy or sell. provides a pre-set portfolio, saving you the hours you would have spent on research. The AI tool is designed to leverage micro-opportunities that arise with the short-term volatility of cryptocurrency. It buys and sells frequently during both small and large price upswings, resulting in smaller, more frequent gains that accumulate over time.

When you make a transaction, Soon app is notified and sells your highest gains to cover the cost. It also facilitates the transfer of money from your bank for crypto investments and conversely transfers your earnings back to your bank on a weekly basis.

For every gain sold, a portion is set aside in a Tax Stash to cater for your capital gains taxes. The tool also adheres to a 1 to 1 custody policy, ensuring that for every cryptocurrency denomination displayed in the app, the exact value is held in your wallet. The AI tool operates within the bounds of all regulatory requirements, with assets being held only in the US, thus ensuring it is safe, secure, and ethical.

In summary, Soon app is a game-changer in the cryptocurrency investment landscape. It removes the need for speculation, provides a preset portfolio, takes advantage of micro-opportunities, handles transactions, and even takes care of capital gains taxes. This AI tool can help users maximize their cryptocurrency investments while minimizing stress and effort.

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