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Explore the world of finance with the power of an AI tool. Stonks GPT, developed by Stonks News, serves as an intelligent assistant, providing users with a wealth of financial information and insights at their fingertips. With a user-friendly search bar, you can access popular queries in an instant, like the latest 50 insider transactions for Apple or the top 10 technology stocks by market cap. is your go-to platform for any financial data you seek.

Not just limited to popular queries, you can also input any search term of your interest and the AI tool will deliver relevant results. It covers a broad spectrum of financial data, offering trading volumes for tech giants like Apple, Google, and Amazon from the past 30 days, or even a comparative chart for Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash for the preceding three months.

Adding a touch of spontaneity to your search, Stonks GPT also features a random search option. This presents you with a random yet relevant result, ensuring you're always in the loop with the financial market. It's not just a standalone tool, it's part of the larger Stonks News platform, which offers calendars, insider trading information, news, and a heatmap of stock performances, all leveraging the power of AI.

To summarize, Stonks GPT functions as a smart assistant for investors and traders who need quick and accurate financial information and insights. Its AI-powered search engine not only provides convenience but also ensures efficiency in your quest for financial data. Being part of the Stonks News platform, it serves as a comprehensive resource for all your financial insights.

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