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Providing an automated solution for Sales teams, Swyft is an AI tool that enhances CRM field updates. This innovative platform uses AI to attend sales calls, compile crucial details, outline subsequent steps, and instantly update the corresponding fields in Salesforce, making it a prime choice for seamless CRM management.

Users can save valuable time with Swyft's automatic updates, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual updates. The AI tool provides a comprehensive call summary, negating the necessity for manual note-taking, and giving you a complete overview of your sales calls.

By automatically updating CRM fields, Swyft assists in maintaining data hygiene and keeping Salesforce up-to-date. It also incorporates structured data and context feature, which auto-updates call notes and delineates the next steps for relevant parties.

Swyft is available on both Android and iPhone devices, enabling users to stay connected with their teams remotely. Its versatility makes it an all-in-one solution for Sales teams of varying sizes. It provides three tailored plans: Designer, Marketing, and Developer, each offering tools and resources specific to team needs. A free Beta program, along with excellent customer support and a troubleshooting guide, are added advantages of this AI tool.

In summary, Swyft provides an automated solution for CRM field updates, call summary generation, and next step planning. With its seamless integration with Salesforce, structured data and context feature, and device compatibility, it can significantly improve productivity. Its positive testimonials and customization options further attest to its effectiveness in boosting sales team efficiency.

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