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Synexr is an AI tool that provides designers with the unique ability to visualize and interact with 3D models within realistic contexts. Utilizing extended reality (XR) and generative AI, it facilitates an immersive and dynamic design experience.

Through Synexr, you can directly import 3D models from Google Drive into an augmented or virtual reality platform. No need for any external platforms. Its AI magic feature offers the convenience of generating textures and environments just by voicing your commands to the AI. This empowers you to explore your designs in any material or environment you envision.

Synexr is not just about visualization, but also offers features like physics, lighting, snapshots, copying and more. This allows you to experiment with multiple design iterations, observe them with different gravity and lighting conditions, save snapshots, and share designs with your team. This makes Synexr a tool that simplifies the validation of 3D designs.

Those engaged in architecture, interior design, and industrial design can particularly benefit from the ability to explore designs in different materials and environments. The mix of generative AI with XR on adds an innovative twist to the traditional design workflow, making it a one-size-fits-all design tool that optimizes efficiency while offering a visually impressive, interactive design experience.

In summary, Synexr is a tool that combines the power of XR and generative AI to offer a seamless design experience. It is a comprehensive tool that caters to various design needs, from importing models to generating textures and environments. With its unique features, it can revolutionize the way designs are visualized and interacted with, thereby enhancing the overall design process.

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