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Engage your followers in a unique and innovative way with Twinning, the AI tool you need. It enables influencers to craft an AI version of themselves for a more dynamic interaction with their audience. This revolutionary tool lets you be 'present' for your fans, even when you're not physically there.

You feed the system with your personal data, type of content, and audience demographics. Add to that a brief audio recording of your voice, and voila! The AI tool gets to work creating your AI clone. After a minor wait, a shareable link is generated, allowing your followers to engage with the AI twin. offers tiered pricing plans to meet varying needs, factoring in the user's follower count. Each plan includes unlimited interactions, expert voice cloning, audio messaging, and texting capabilities. The tool also delivers comprehensive analytics to help you understand your engagement and performance metrics better.

Another handy feature is the earnings estimation. Based on your number of followers and the projected interaction time, the tool provides an estimate of potential earnings. But remember, these are just estimates and can fluctuate.

In summary, Twinning offers influencers an innovative approach to maintain and boost their connection with fans. The tool allows them to create an AI clone that can chat and interact on their behalf, offering unlimited interactions, professional voice cloning, and detailed analytics. It's a game-changer for influencers who want to maximize their engagement while saving time.

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