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Enhancing anime artworks with intelligent upscaling and tagging. Expand your Waifu.

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Presenting a cutting-edge image enhancement solution, Waifu XL, designed especially for anime-styled artwork. This AI tool upscales images and gifs while maintaining the original essence and fine details. Forget about pixelation as you increase resolution, as Waifu XL ensures quality is never compromised.

WaifuXL doesn't just upscale, but it also adds an intelligent layer by automatically recognizing and tagging elements in your images. From distinguishing solo figures to identifying specific aspects like purple hair, long hair, blue eyes, school uniforms, and more, it does it all.

Waifu XL also prioritizes safety by classifying content into Safe, Questionable, and Explicit categories. This allows users to navigate and utilize the tool comfortably and safely.

Optimized for non-webkit based browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Edge, the tool offers an efficient and smooth user experience. Waifu XL is a free and open-source AI tool, inviting all users to utilize its advanced capabilities. While the tool is free, donations are accepted to foster the continuous growth and development of Waifu XL.

In summary, WaifuXL is a comprehensive image upsampling solution for anime-style art, providing features like automatic element detection, content classification, and high-resolution upscaling. It's a fantastic tool for artists, designers, anime enthusiasts to enhance their artwork and designs with the help of artificial intelligence. It can significantly improve the visual quality of your work, making it more appealing and professional.

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Waifu XL

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