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Welcome to the world of seamless survey and feedback collection with Zigpoll. This AI tool is a hub for gathering zero-party data through various techniques including interactive polls, email capture campaigns, and post-purchase surveys. Zigpoll.com's no-code setup is ideal for users of Shopify, Wordpress, and Bigcommerce, facilitating effortless integration with existing systems.

With multiple question formats, branching logic, and enticing incentives, this tool ensures engaging customer interaction and high-quality feedback collection. The intuitive dashboard is designed for easy analysis of survey responses, converting data into actionable tasks. Advanced targeting rules and third-party integrations ensure that your survey reaches the right audience at the perfect time through email, SMS, or on-site survey options.

What makes Zigpoll stand out is its AI assistant. Trained on response data, this assistant provides automatic insights, trend detection, and even a chat interface for users to pose specific questions. Zigpoll also offers a variety of pricing options, from a free Lite version to more advanced plans, each tailored to meet diverse business requirements.

Also available is a blog filled with success stories, examples, and tips on how to make the most of the platform. To summarize, Zigpoll is a user-friendly tool, designed to help businesses gain insights from their customers. By analyzing survey data, companies can make informed decisions, ultimately driving their success.

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