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Unlock your design's potential with the power of AI technology using the AI Palette. This Figma plugin revolutionizes the way you create color palettes for your designs, eliminating the need for manual color selection. This AI tool provides you with an array of unique and diverse colors, generated in mere seconds, all at the click of a button.

Simply hit the 'generate' button, and the AI Palette swiftly recognizes your current color palette, churning out new and exciting color combinations every time you click. All it takes is a click on the 'apply' button to infuse your artboard with the freshly generated color palette.

The AI Palette also boasts a chat GPT AI model. This innovative feature lets you generate unique color palettes from textual input. Just type in your desired color in the provided input box, click the 'search' button, and watch as a new color palette springs to life.

AI Palette also offers the flexibility to modify the suggested color palette. Simply click on the suggested color and choose your preferred colors from the color window palette. This feature empowers designers to enhance their creativity while saving valuable time.

In summary, AI Palette is a must-have tool for designers. Its main features - AI-powered color palette generation, chat GPT AI model, and easy color modifications - streamline the design process and boost efficiency. Whether you're creating a brand logo or designing a website, AI Palette can help you generate the perfect color palette, saving time, and enhancing your creative process.

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