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Experience the power of voice transformation with Altered, an innovative AI tool that offers professional-grade voice changing software. By leveraging this tool, you can effortlessly modify your voice to mimic any AI voice from a diverse portfolio or even create custom voices that suit your requirements. is reputed among major media studios such as Rebound Sound Company, Rev Rooms, Gimlet, War-Gaming, Sweetjustice Sound, Ninja Theory, and Neon Giant. Its unique technology not only allows for voice alterations but also offers an enhanced user experience with its well-designed interface and functionalities.

What sets Altered apart is its commitment to user preferences. The tool is designed to remember user preferences, providing a custom experience every time you use it. This ensures that your interactions with the tool are as efficient and effective as possible.

Moreover, the Altered tool is constantly evolving and improving, thanks to the analytical data it collects. This data informs ongoing improvements to the tool, making it even better over time and ensuring it keeps up with user needs and trends.

In summary, Altered is more than a simple AI voice changing tool. It's a comprehensive solution for creating compelling voice performances, trusted by many well-known media studios. Whether you're looking to create a unique voice for a character in a video game or a voiceover for an advertisement, Altered has got you covered. Its user-friendly design, customizability, and ongoing improvements make it an invaluable tool for any voice-related project.

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