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Step into the future of audio technology with Supertone, a trailblazing AI tool that redefines the boundaries of voice and sound manipulation. This cutting-edge innovation focuses on the synthesis of expressive singing and speech, original voice design, and speech enhancement to deliver hyperrealistic and exceptionally expressive outcomes for various media forms such as music, video, and gaming content.

The AI tool, found at, gives creators a plethora of tools to transcend the constraints of content creation. With the Voice Gene Designer, you can clone existing voices, invent brand new ones, or get recommendations on the best voice match for a character's appearance. This AI tool is nothing short of revolutionary, breaking barriers in the field of audio technology.

Supertone's Voice Content Creator is an all-in-one workstation that utilizes Voice Genes for the production of singing and dialogue content. The Real-Time Voice Converter, on the other hand, is a voice conversion software that delivers realistic quality on the go. And for those who aim for pristine voice separation, the Real-Time Voice Separator is the perfect audio plugin to extricate your voice from any disruptive environment.

The Singing Voice Synthesis (SVS) AI technology breathes life into a new voice and can be trained both on melody and lyrics for singing, or on scripts and delivery for acting. Moreover, the Controllable Voice Conversion (CVC) empowers you to convert any voice to a voice of your choice, providing infinite possibilities for content creation.

In summary, Supertone is a groundbreaking AI tool that offers a suite of advanced features such as voice cloning, creation of novel voices, real-time voice conversion, and separation, all designed to elevate the quality of music, video, and gaming content. Whether it's creating music with any voice of your choice, facilitating live performances with real-time AI technology, or designing unique character voices for video games, Supertone is your go-to solution for all your audio content needs.

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