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Dive into the world of audio mastering with eMastered. This AI tool is an innovation by Grammy-winning engineers, designed for musicians and music creators. It thrives on providing an accessible and quick way of enhancing audio quality while retaining a professional touch.

Users can upload their tracks, and eMastered.com will apply studio processes such as EQ, compression, and saturation. This process refines the sound quality and provides users with a platform to compare the original and mastered versions, allowing them to appreciate the improvements. The enhanced audios can be downloaded in either WAV or MP3 format.

With a subscription, users unlock the ability to download an unlimited number of mastered tracks per month. The AI tool leverages machine learning to enhance its mastering capabilities with each song it processes. It creates custom masters that capture the unique features of each song, irrespective of the genre or style, providing professional results at a cost significantly lower than traditional studio mastering.

eMastered also provides an advanced mastering option, giving users more control over their sound. Users can tweak parameters such as compression, EQ, stereo width, and volume to achieve their desired sound and save presets for future use. The AI tool also boasts a reference mastering capability, where it analyzes a reference file and applies the learned sonic identity to the user's tracks.

In summary, eMastered is a versatile, user-friendly, and cost-effective tool that provides professional-level audio mastering results. It caters to various use cases, including music production and audio editing, and aids users in achieving their preferred sound without the need for extensive knowledge or experience in mastering.

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