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Blueprint, powered by cutting-edge AI technology, is a sophisticated tool that evaluates API structures and translates them into uniform data schemas, aiding in the creation of Unified APIs. This feature opens the door for anyone to contribute to Unified APIs, thus accelerating the development of integrations.

Blueprint, which can be accessed at, evaluates the compatibility of an API with Unified API. If the API is not yet supported, users can submit an integration request. You simply need to input the URL of the API's public documentation, and Blueprint will take care of generating the API definition to align with the Common Models. These Common Models represent a consistent data schema applicable to all integrations.

Blueprint then gives developers an output they can use to request the inclusion of their API in the Unified API. It also provides a sample output with a few endpoints. To access the complete results, you'll need to submit a valid email address. The connections provided by Blueprint serve as a starting point for the engineering team when building new integrations, rather than representing an actual integration.

Currently in its beta phase, Blueprint's results might not be 100% accurate. But with the support of AI technology, this AI tool aims to foster superior integrations by automating and streamlining the translation of APIs to the Common Models.

In summary, Blueprint is a valuable tool for developers and businesses seeking to integrate an API with the Unified API. It simplifies the process, especially for those who might not have extensive knowledge of data schemas and standardization. By automating and standardizing API translation, Blueprint accelerates the integration development process, making it a must-have tool for businesses and developers alike.

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