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Introducing Chatgodai, a sophisticated AI tool built on blockchain technology that facilitates seamless interaction with an AI assistant via your WhatsApp or Telegram accounts. Using top-notch AI technologies like OpenAI's DaVinci and ChatGPT, responds to your inquiries, providing you with the most relevant information. Notably, it serves as a unified interface for various AI engines like ChatGPT and SD, with the added advantage of incorporating custom solutions through Web3.

Chatgodai's subscription-based model allows you to pay for the computational power you need on a monthly basis. Its highly scalable infrastructure can handle vast data volumes, making it perfectly suited to cater to growing user demands. Additionally, you will appreciate its intuitive interface that simplifies the creation and training of smart agents and chatbots, even for those with little to no technical background.

Moreover, Chatgodai features a unique marketplace where users can share and monetize their community-generated intelligent agents for specific applications. It accepts a variety of payment options, inclusive of cryptocurrencies and its own AI token, which rewards users with a 10% discount when used for payments. Rest assured, your data's security and privacy are top priorities, with stringent measures in place to safeguard user data and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Summarily, Chatgodai is a reliable, user-friendly, and efficient AI chat tool that allows you to interact with an AI assistant directly via your WhatsApp and Telegram accounts. With a subscription-based model, scalability, and a marketplace for community-created intelligent agents, it's an invaluable tool for both individuals and businesses.

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