Transforming audio content into multiple languages while preserving original voices.

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CloneDub leverages AI technology to provide a unique service that transforms podcasts and audio content into a variety of languages, preserving the original voice quality. This AI tool uses voice cloning technology to present a frictionless approach to convert audio content into multiple languages, without distorting the unique voice traits.

With CloneDub, you have the ability to upload audio files, YouTube links, or other audio links for translation, as long as they don't exceed a 15-minute duration. offers translations in an array of languages such as English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Italian, German, Polish, and Portuguese, granting you a broad selection for your translation needs.

For reassurance of the translation quality, you can listen to a sample translation from English to Spanish available on the website. For any concerns or questions about the tool's translation abilities, supported languages, the translation process, or the types of audio files accepted, you can refer to the frequently asked questions section.

While the exact duration of the translation process isn't specified, you can anticipate accurate translations. After the translation process, you can either download the translated audio or share it directly from

In a nutshell, CloneDub is an efficient tool that harnesses AI voice cloning technology to translate audio content effortlessly into various languages. It retains the original voices and enables you to easily access and distribute your translated audio files, catering to your diverse linguistic requirements.

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