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Get ready to transform your communication strategy with Dialogly, an AI tool that lets you design, implement, and distribute customized AI chat apps without needing to know a thing about coding. Leveraging the power of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology, Dialogly ensures your chat apps adhere to the guidelines you set.

With Dialogly, you can easily integrate your AI chat apps into your websites or share them directly via a URL. It also provides real-time and precise details by fetching dynamic data from external HTTP endpoints, making your chat app dynamic and always current.

Dialogly allows you to establish bespoke rules for your app's performance, allowing you to provide a user experience that is in line with your unique vision. It also integrates with your OpenAI account, letting you utilize your existing API quotas and manage your expenses efficiently.

Dialogly.ai offers a range of pricing plans to meet different user needs. Whether you're an individual working on a small project or a bustling business, there's a plan for you. From the Personal Plan to the Maker Plan and the Agency Plan, each comes with a variety of features including app numbers, message caps, external service connections, and full prompt control.

With Dialogly, user security and data privacy are paramount. It meets major data privacy regulations and uses AES-256 to encrypt API keys, ensuring optimal security. With Dialogly, you can enhance your chat experiences and tap into the potential of AI-driven conversations, taking customer interactions to new heights in this communication era.

To recap, Dialogly is an AI tool that lets you create, integrate, and share personalized AI chat apps without coding. It uses GPT technology, integrates with OpenAI, fetches dynamic data, and allows custom rules. It offers a variety of pricing plans and prioritizes user security and data privacy. Whether you're looking to improve customer service, gather data, or streamline internal communication, Dialogly can help you achieve your goals.

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