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Experience the power of an AI tool that empowers businesses to create their own chatbots, This groundbreaking tool utilizes ChatGPT technology to ensure accurate, contextually relevant search results, and can handle complex or ambiguous queries with ease, all thanks to its ability to respond to natural language.

With, businesses can redefine their knowledge management processes, empower their customers, and significantly reduce support costs. This tool offers a solution to instantly cut down on support ticket volumes, respond to queries based on a knowledge base, and provide 24x7 multilingual customer support.

Among the features offered by are AI-powered search, seamless integration with your existing knowledge base systems, usage and analytics monitoring, and the ability to optimize AI responses. Moreover, it allows you to train the AI across multiple URLs.

Businesses can easily embed the chatbot on their website, providing users with an easy and convenient way to interact with the website and its documents. The chatbot can be fine-tuned based on your organization's guidelines and preferences, and the secure, reliable API can be integrated effortlessly.

By leveraging feedback from customers, you can further optimize the search engine. is a perfect fit for businesses aiming to utilize AI-powered chat search to benefit their developers and reduce customer support costs.

By harnessing the features of, businesses can create a chatbot capable of real-time interaction with customers and addressing their queries instantly. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also boosts productivity, paving the way for a successful business.

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