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Experience the future of music production with Emvoice, a cutting-edge AI tool that transforms the way you create vocal sounds. This VST/AU/AAX plugin, compatible with both Mac and PC, is designed to generate incredibly realistic vocal sounds, revolutionizing your sound design process.

With emvoiceapp.com, you have access to a whole new world of voices. Keela and Lucy, for instance, possess natural ranges of D2-G4 and E2-A4 respectively, extending up to C0-C5. Not to be left out, Jay also offers a natural range of E1-C4, while Thomas brings the distinct classic vocoder sound with a range of C0-C5. These options allow you to customize your music production like never before.

Emvoice allows you to draft musical phrases as notes and assign text boxes to each phrase, providing a unique level of customization. Once you type in the words, they're instantly sent to the cloud, and Emvoice is ready to perform, making your music production seamless and efficient. Note that an active internet connection is necessary for the plugin to operate.

To give you a taste of what you're getting into, a demo mode is available. It's limited to seven notes, but it's sufficient to give you a hint of the tool's capabilities. Emvoice also boasts an extensive FAQ section to assist you with any challenges you might encounter.

In summary, Emvoice is an innovative AI tool for music production, offering a broad range of voices and intuitive features. Whether you're drafting musical phrases, creating harmonies, or exploring fresh vocal sounds, Emvoice makes it easy and efficient. It's a valuable tool for any music producer, providing a unique blend of creativity and technological innovation.

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