Transforming offline business operations with real-time AI vision.

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Experience the power of real-time AI vision with, a cloud-based video analytics service designed for offline businesses. This AI tool dives deep into visitor analytics, service performance analysis, heat maps, and facial recognition.

Operating requires specific equipment, including IP-cameras and a reliable internet connection. After identifying the scenarios and requirements, businesses can integrate this solution seamlessly into their operations. is the go-to domain for businesses that want to gain valuable insights and leverage data to make informed decisions.

Different pricing plans are available, with features ranging from people counters to face recognition. These options cater to various business needs, providing a customized approach to data analysis and operational improvements.

Industries across the spectrum, including retail, health, sport, and more, trust for their analytics needs. The tool also provides multiple ways for users to reach out to the company, offering a high level of customer support.

In summary, is a comprehensive solution for offline businesses seeking to monitor and analyze their operations. It's all about using AI technology to generate valuable insights, drive improvements, and achieve business goals. Whether you're looking to track service performance, generate heat maps, or implement facial recognition, has you covered.

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