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Jurny revolutionizes the property management industry, specifically targeting short-term rentals. As an AI tool, it employs advanced technologies to automate processes, thus improving guest experience. Jurny.com is the go-to dashboard for managing multiple properties seamlessly.

The platform's core feature is a sophisticated AI virtual assistant, Nia. Nia takes over guest communication, handles reviews, and even generates content, considerably reducing the workload of property managers. On top of this, Jurny offers a guest mobile app, putting control of their stay right in the guest's hands. This app can manage features such as smart locks and thermostats, ensuring the guest's comfort and convenience.

Jurny also provides an IoT Hub, facilitating integration with third-party services. The pricing models of Jurny are flexible, with the basic plan offering free access to the management system, Airbnb Connect, the guest mobile app, and Nia AI.

More comprehensive plans start from $29 per month, including additional features like channel management and a website booking engine. The highest tier, the pro plan, offers even more, such as a review tracker, dynamic pricing, and cleaning management, starting at $69 per month. For larger operations with more than 10 units, Jurny offers a customizable enterprise plan.

In summary, Jurny provides a comprehensive, user-friendly solution for short-term rental management. By leveraging advanced AI and automation, it simplifies property management processes, thereby saving users valuable time and effort. Key features include an AI assistant, a guest mobile app, and IoT integration. Whether you're managing a few properties or running a large operation, Jurny can enhance efficiency and guest satisfaction.

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