Seamless Slack integration with real-time AI-powered responses.

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Introducing the Geppettochat, an AI tool designed to integrate effortlessly with Slack and provide real-time responses. By mentioning @Geppetto in a Slack channel or sending it a direct message, businesses can get instant answers to their queries.

Under the hood, Geppettochat employs the robust OpenAI's GPT API, which is renowned for its power in the realm of Artificial Intelligence. While data security is a priority, Geppettochat ensures to respect user privacy. It accesses only the threads where it's mentioned or the direct messages it receives, thereby maintaining a safe environment for your data.

Geppettochat comes with a variety of plans and pricing, catering to different needs. With a 30-day free trial, you can choose from Geppetto Lite, Geppetto Plus, and the currently unavailable Geppetto Pro. From small teams to larger organizations, has you covered.

Geppettochat also features an FAQ section. Here, you can find detailed information regarding the AI, pricing, usage limits, and data retention policies. While Geppettochat does send data to OpenAI for generating responses, it ensures this data isn't used to train or improve AI models.

In summary, Geppettochat is a highly efficient AI tool, capable of integrating with Slack and providing real-time responses. From small teams to large organizations, it offers different plans to meet various needs. With an emphasis on data security and privacy, it provides a safe environment for your data. Its FAQ section offers comprehensive information about the tool, aiding users in their journey with Geppettochat.

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