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Experience the future of web browsing with Leo, a built-in AI tool that's integrated into the Brave browser. This AI assistant offers you the chance to interact with the web pages you visit without having to leave the page. Currently available for evaluation and feedback through the Nightly desktop channel, this AI tool is accessible via the Brave Sidebar.

Leo is equipped with a plethora of useful features. It provides video transcripts and interactive article summaries, and also assists with reading comprehension. Functioning as a chatbot, Leo can answer your questions and suggest additional ones, thanks to the Llama 2 language model developed by Meta. But what sets it apart is that it prioritizes user privacy by submitting inputs anonymously through a reverse-proxy.

The team has adopted a privacy-focused approach, offering an AI experience that places a premium on privacy. However, do bear in mind that the model's outputs may occasionally contain inaccuracies or errors. To experience Leo, all you need to do is access it via the Brave Sidebar button in the Nightly channel.

You can also share your feedback on Leo's performance with the community. One of the best things about using Leo is that it doesn't require any user login or account, so your chats aren't used for training purposes. All conversations are immediately discarded after a reply is generated, further ensuring your anonymity and privacy.

Summing up, Leo revolutionizes your browsing experience by bringing the convenience of an AI assistant right into it, all while promoting privacy and usability. With its interactive features and user-friendly interface, it's an AI tool that can truly enhance the way you interact with the web.

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