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Discover the power of MagicForm App, an AI tool designed to make the creation of quizzes and tests a breeze. This revolutionary tool generates quiz questions in a matter of seconds, using any text source you prefer, whether it's from Wikipedia, a PDF book, or even a webpage.

With MagicForm, you have a simplified two-step process at your disposal. Simply paste your chosen text into the app, specify the number of questions you need, select the type of questions you want, and then hit generate. It's that easy.

MagicForm is not just for educators and students, it's also an invaluable tool for HR teams, publishers, edtech companies, and anyone in need of a fast and simple way to create quizzes and tests. No need for a credit card or license key, just install and you're ready to go. If you encounter any issues with installation, licensing, or usage, rest assured knowing that a dedicated support team is ready to assist you.

As a user-oriented platform, MagicForm licenses are per-user and can be accessed on any computer, as long as you're signed in with the same email address. The MagicForm team highly respects your privacy. They never share customer data and only save essential information required for the tool to function correctly.

Getting started is easy. Simply install MagicForm from the Google Forms Add-ons. To sum it up, MagicForm is an efficient, user-friendly, and secure AI tool that streamlines the quiz and test creation process, making it ideal for a variety of users and applications.

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