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Welcome to the realm of OpenChat, an AI tool that empowers you to construct your own ChatGPT for diverse integrations such as websites, PDF files, and Notion. Best part? No coding skills needed. This AI tool enables you to design, embed, and share custom chatbots which emulate the functionalities of ChatGPT. boasts an open-source chatbot console, simplifying the task of running and managing your personal chatbots. The AI tool employs robust crawlers that extract data, which is then converted into knowledge using language models. This process facilitates the creation of a customer support chatbot that is trained on your unique data.

Not just that, OpenChat can also function as a private tutor, allowing you to upload books and ask the bot any questions. It can serve as an internal knowledge base, offering employees easy access to information. You can also use OpenChat to design private chatbots to share with clients or as a personal library where you can upload books and texts and ask the bot any question.

Live demos provided by showcase the diverse potentials of this AI tool, demonstrating how you can build an AI customer support agent or an AI chatbot trained on a lengthy legal document or content in Dutch for VanMoof in under five minutes.

In conclusion, OpenChat is not just an AI tool, but a comprehensive open-source platform. You have the freedom to host your own instance or give it a free trial. This unique tool offers a wide range of uses, from customer support and knowledge base to private tutoring and personal library. It's designed to simplify and enhance your interactions with AI in everyday life.

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