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Enter the realm of the cutting-edge Pensieve AI tool, your go-to solution for interacting with a wide range of documents, including PDFs, text files, and CSVs. Think of it as a conversation with your files, where you can ask questions, obtain summaries, and dig out information hidden within your documents using the powerful ChatGPT model.

One of the standout features of Pensieve is its free trial, which requires no sign-up or credit card information. You can upload files up to 5MB and ask as many as five questions per document during this trial period. But the magic doesn't stop there. offers flexible, affordable subscriptions for those who want to extend their features and capabilities.

With a paid subscription, the possibilities are vast. You can upload larger files, engage with various document formats, revisit prior conversations, and ask up to 200 questions per payment. The Pro subscription also brings in a history feature, allowing you to track your past dialogues with your documents.

For those who work in teams, Pensieve has a 'Get Albus' plan. This subscription offers an array of collaborative features, such as the ability to upload an unlimited number of documents from numerous providers like Google Drive and Slack. Team members can ask unlimited questions and get the answers directly within Slack. There's also an admin dashboard for document and team management, and the option to escalate to human experts when necessary.

Summarizing, the Pensieve AI tool offers a unique approach to document interaction, making it faster and more efficient to extract information and insights. Whether for individual use or team collaboration, its features are designed to offer convenience and enhance productivity.

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