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Explore the power of AI with PolitePost, a tool that transforms your draft emails into professional, workplace-friendly communications in no time. This AI tool operates by taking your initial email draft, regardless of its language or style, and meticulously refines it. It eliminates any slang or inappropriate language, ensuring a polished and respectable final product.

PolitePost is an extension for Google Chrome and is compatible with various email platforms, including Gmail and Outlook. To utilize this tool, simply compose a rough draft of your email and hit the 'Fix my Email' button. The magic begins, and your email is transformed into a professional message.

The AI system within PolitePost sends your email to OpenAI for processing. The result is a refined and cleaned version of your original email ready to be sent. PolitePost.net offers this valuable service at a minimal cost, with each email refinement costing approximately $0.002. This fee contributes towards maintaining the tool's operational costs.

In summary, PolitePost provides a crucial service for today's digital communication. It ensures your emails are professional, respectful, and free of inappropriate language. Whether you're drafting a quick note or composing a detailed message, this tool is a valuable asset for any individual or business.

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