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Discover Salam Chat, an AI tool that functions as a chatbot, providing insights about Islam. Its unique feature lies in its ability to provide inline citations to the Quran and Hadith, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the teachings. The content it provides is meticulously screened by the Shahada, ensuring you only receive the most relevant and authentic information.

What sets Salam Chat apart is its halal filter. This feature ensures that all responses are within the scope of Islamic teachings, making it safe and educational for individuals of all ages, including kids. is a completely free platform, designed with the aim of disseminating accurate information without any profit motive.

The AI tool is a product of collective effort, with engineers, designers, and Islamic scholars contributing to its development. This open-source project is constantly being refined to improve its functionality. Users can trust the accuracy of the information provided, as all Islamic text comes with supporting citations for further reference and exploration.

A standout feature of Salam Chat is its curation system. This system is designed to eliminate false or misleading information, ensuring that only accurate and reliable content reaches its users. Islamic scholars are regularly involved to assist in its continuous development, ensuring that the chatbot stays updated with the most accurate information.

Operated by the Minority Think Tank Foundation 501(c)3, Salam Chat is powered by voluntary contributions. Users can choose to support the project by making donations.

In summary, Salam Chat is an AI tool that helps people learn about Islam in a safe and reliable manner. Its key features include inline citations to the Quran and Hadith, a halal filter, and a curation system. It can be used by anyone seeking to learn more about Islam or clarify their doubts. It's a resourceful tool that brings valuable Islamic teachings to your fingertips.

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