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Experience the power of an all-encompassing platform with Simplified. This AI tool is explicitly crafted to cater to the needs of contemporary marketing professionals, enabling them to save precious time and foster enhanced collaboration. It comes packed with a massive free library filled with images, videos, and audio clips, along with thousands of uniquely designed templates, and the ability to create content in multiple languages.

Simplified is equipped with a content calendar, which aids in scheduling and publishing posts on various social media platforms. Furthermore, it offers a wide range of tools for graphic design, AI writing, video and animation, social media planning, and more, which are all available for free.

The platform's AI image generator, background remover, magic resizer, animation maker, content rewriter, long form writer, and Instagram Reels are particularly appreciated by users. It also boasts a variety of posts and stories, online ads, ecommerce, and business tools. The array of design and video templates further enriches the user experience.

The AI writer tool of Simplified stands out with its ability to generate images from text, create SEO-friendly copy, and produce long-form content in over 30 languages and 10 different tones. The tool's content rewriter, company bio generator, and hashtag generator are also noteworthy features. Plus, users can conveniently publish their content to social media channels using the tool's social media scheduling and planning features, and evaluate the performance of their posts with the aid of its social media analytics.

In summary, Simplified is a comprehensive platform that offers an extensive range of features, including AI writing, social media planning, content generation, and more. Whether you're looking to create engaging social media posts, generate SEO-driven content, or analyze your online performance, this tool has got you covered. It streamlines the process of marketing, making it a valuable addition to any modern marketing team's toolkit.

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