Your virtual Scrum master for efficient meetings and up-to-date Jira tickets.

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Discover Spinach.io, your virtual Scrum master. This AI tool harnesses the power of advanced GPT-4 natural language processing technology to enrich the functioning of software development teams. Integrated with popular platforms like Zoom, Atlassian, and Slack, Spinach.io is designed to offer a seamless experience.

Spinach.io's primary function is to deliver meaningful meeting summaries, propose modifications to Jira tickets, and generate stakeholder recaps, eliminating the need for a human Scrum master. This tool is designed to adapt to various meeting types - be it sprint planning, daily stand-up, retrospective, or weekly review, providing tailored summaries for each.

Spinach.io takes the initiative to suggest updates to Jira tickets based on meeting discussions, ensuring the tickets stay current. In addition to this, it drafts status reports for stakeholders, keeping them updated about the team's weekly progression.

Easily integrating with Slack or email, one can simply invite the tool to team meetings by adding [email protected] to the invite. With a strong commitment to privacy and security, spinach.io ensures your data is always safe and never used in training models.

In summary, Spinach.io offers a comprehensive solution for software development teams seeking to streamline their meetings, keep Jira tickets updated, and maintain transparent communication with stakeholders. With the power of GPT-4, spinach.io effortlessly takes over the role of a Scrum master, making it a valuable aid in the software development process.

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