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Discover the power of generative AI with StableStudio, an open-source consumer application developed by Stability AI. This user-centric AI tool enables the development of community-driven projects and supports local-first initiatives.

StableStudio, the main interface for new models and features from Stability AI, harnesses the strength of their up-to-date image generation model, SDXL. The purpose of this platform is to democratize access to generative AI technology and foster open-source development within the AI industry.

Although DreamStudio continues as the hosted StableStudio implementation from Stability, the company's vision is to launch a project that encourages collaboration with the larger community. The goal is a top-tier user interface for generative AI, built by and for the AI community.

StableStudio, available at, offers an adaptable framework for external developers, with incentives for enhancements and the incorporation of fresh features. It encourages local inference via WebGPU, includes stable-diffusion-webui, desktop installation, control net tools, and maintains an open-door policy for suggestions and improvements.

Launching StableStudio signifies Stability AI's dedication to open-source, transparency, and fostering community-led innovation.

In summary, StableStudio is a premier platform for developers interested in the exploration of generative AI and potential advancements. With its community-driven approach, open-source development support, and user-friendly interface, it paves the way for the next wave of AI advancements. It's a tool that not only fosters collaboration and innovation but also makes AI more accessible to the masses.

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