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Studyflow is an AI tool that takes your personalized study materials and transforms them into interactive quizzes. It's like having your own AI tutor, custom-tailored to your unique curriculum and study materials. With Studyflow, you get to have an efficient, fast-paced learning experience.

You start by inputting your study notes, teacher-provided exam reviews, or specific subject and grade level information. This could be as simple as pasting your study notes or typing in relevant search terms. With a click on the 'Get Quizzed' button, your personalized question will be generated. If the button takes a little longer to load, just click it again for a smoother experience.

Once your question is up, it's your turn to answer. Just type in your response and Studyflow's AI system will evaluate it, providing you with instant feedback. This way, you get to understand where you stand and which areas need more focus.

Studyflow, available at, eliminates the need to create quizzes manually. It's an AI-powered learning solution, designed to adapt to your specific educational needs quickly by analyzing user-generated content.

In summary, Studyflow is a personalized, AI-powered study assistant. It's perfect for self-study, revision, and understanding where you need improvement. It provides an efficient and tailored learning experience, fueled by your own content and learning needs.

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