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Looking for a smarter way to digest YouTube content?, an AI tool, offers a solution that simplifies content consumption by summarizing YouTube video chapters. This Chrome extension uses AI to deliver precise and concise summaries of content, making it easier to absorb information from lectures and podcasts. allows users to tailor the prompt template to their personal learning style. It facilitates easy navigation to specific chapters by clicking on the titles. Users can also choose to increase the minimum duration to exclude shorter chapters from the list. If available, the chapter titles of the YouTube video are displayed below the video timeline.

The AI component of, known as LLM, uses the transcript of each chapter to generate the summaries. Regardless of the length of the chapter, the AI samples the transcript equally to provide an inclusive summary. Users have the option to download individual chapter summaries as .md files, or export all summaries into one markdown file. offers multiple download options. Users can save the summaries to their computer, a Google Drive folder, or even a Notion database page. The tool also provides an overall summary of the video by equal sampling from each chapter, from start to end. uses the ChatGPT free tier for its AI model. However, users should note that this may be subject to rate-limiting and has a maximum context window length., the AI tool, has revolutionized the way users consume YouTube content by creating precise and concise summaries of video chapters. Its customization features, easy navigation, and flexible download options make it an indispensable tool for learners and content consumers. It also respects user privacy, as stated in the developer's privacy policy.

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