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Tappy is an AI tool that transforms the way LinkedIn users interact with posts. By providing you with insightful comments with a simple tap, this tool sets itself apart from other AI extensions with its exceptional quality of engagement.

This tool, developed by a seasoned product/engineering executive with experience at NASA and Galileo, serves as an excellent resource for sales prospecting. It empowers you to engage with recent LinkedIn posts from prospective clients, ensuring your visibility remains high.

With Tappy, you can also amplify your personal branding. Leave comments on other content creators' posts, expanding your visibility and cultivating your audience in the process. But the benefits don't stop there; if you're on the job hunt, you can leverage Tappy to interact with job postings and hiring managers on LinkedIn, thereby increasing your visibility as a potential candidate.

Regarding data privacy, the Tappy extension accesses data only from LinkedIn.com and tappy.ai URLs. The data collection is strictly limited to your posts and comments, ensuring stringent protection of your privacy. Rest assured, your data is kept secure with end-to-end encryption, both during transit and storage, and no data is stored for selling purposes.

Available only as a Chrome extension, Tappy offers a free account allowing up to five comments per day. To upgrade or downgrade your account, simply contact [email protected].

Summary, Tappy offers an innovative approach to engaging with LinkedIn content. Whether you're a salesperson, content creator, or job seeker, this AI tool can enhance your LinkedIn experience. With its focus on providing quality engagement, maintaining your visibility, and safeguarding your data, Tappy can truly revolutionize your digital interactions.

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