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Prepare to transform your space design workflow with the AI tool, Varys AI. This innovative tool employs cutting-edge GPT technology to present a design advisor that assists in creating blueprints and instantly generating high-quality renders.

Learn and duplicate successful design concepts with, allowing you to expand your business effortlessly across your chain. Through the upload of .cad files or sketching wireframes in the intuitive editor, refurbishments can be completed in under 0.5 hours.

Varys AI presents design solutions from multiple perspectives for your property. You have the freedom to select from hundreds of different styles or to create your own, leading to the generation of remarkable concept images.

Simply describe shapes, materials, and lighting, and let Varys AI handle the rest. Interact with the GPT-powered design assistant, offering advice on various aspects such as furniture repositioning, space layout refinement, and even business income enhancement.

Varys AI goes beyond aesthetics, it also aims to enhance business performance. The images generated are fully editable and controllable, allowing for modifications until they meet your requirements.

Varys AI also produces design solution documents with potent wording, granting users the ability to edit them with the built-in keynote editor.

In summary, Varys AI is a comprehensive and efficient design toolkit that is set to revolutionize space design and propel business growth. It provides a variety of features like design solutions, a GPT-powered design assistant, editable images, and design solution documents. A few use cases are space design, business expansion, and refurbishment projects. It aims to assist users in creating stunning designs and improving their business performance.

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