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Explore the power of conversational search with the AI tool, Vectara. This platform provides an innovative way to search recent news from various sources. It's a free-to-use platform that's particularly beneficial for developers, offering top-tier retrieval and summarization features. lets you experience its conversational search capabilities firsthand with the Asking News demo. Here, you have the option to filter news by source and specify your interests. This AI tool also shines in its grounded generation feature, which minimizes hallucinations, enhancing the accuracy of your searches.

You're not simply limited to finding recent news. Vectara also serves as a reliable assistant for data-related queries. It's designed to replace the traditional keyword-dependent search methods with more intuitive natural language queries.

Developers can seamlessly integrate's AI capabilities into their existing applications or services using an API. You also have access to thorough documentation, community forums, and support via Discord, ensuring a smooth operation.

In summary, Vectara is a proficient and user-friendly conversational search tool. It empowers developers to leverage cutting-edge AI developments for search functions. Ultimately, it's designed to save users time and optimize their search process.

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