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Voice Swap is an AI tool designed to assist producers, artists, and writers who want to alter their own voice to sound similar to popular artists. Developed by DJ FRESH and NICO PELLERIN, this AI-driven technology offers you the chance to create top-quality demos using the official AI models of renowned artists, all within the legal boundaries of voiceswap.ai.

The AI tool does not allow you to share or monetize the audio you produce without explicit permission from the artist's representative - a connection that Voice Swap can facilitate for you. This ensures that the audio output is always traceable and legally owned by the artist, providing an experience similar to creating a legitimate studio-made demo.

With Voice Swap, you can upload a WAV file and receive an AI demo from your chosen artist in about thirty seconds. To start, you are given 60 seconds of free audio credit that you can use with any available artist models. Once your free seconds are used, you will need to choose a subscription plan to continue creating full songs.

As with any instrument, obtaining the best results from Voice Swap requires a bit of skill. It's advised to use the same production techniques for your input audio as you would for vocals - ensuring good takes, applying auto-tune if needed, and using compression. The output model will mirror the traits of the input audio, and you can adjust the transpose slider to match the natural pitch of your chosen artist by experimenting with different octaves.

In summary, Voice Swap is a groundbreaking AI tool that gives you the power to create high-quality demos using the voices of chart-topping artists. This tool is perfect for those who don't want to use their own voice in songs, and it provides a legal, traceable solution to demo creation. So whether you're a producer, an artist, or a writer, Voice Swap can take your work to the next level.

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