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Looking for a modern way to enhance your learning experience? Welcome to Whiteboard, an AI tool that revolutionizes the way you engage with educational content. Its AI-driven technology delivers interactive summaries, key information stamped by time, and instant answers to your curiosities.

Accessible with a one-click Chrome extension, Whiteboard.ai is your ticket for maximizing understanding and engagement across any video platform. It doesn't stop there. This AI tool makes studying easier with its Tutor Q&A feature, allowing you to dive deep into any topic, ask questions, and seek clarifications.

Whiteboard also offers the convenience of creating and sharing flashcards instantly, making your study sessions super efficient. Though currently in development, the tool is set to incorporate note-taking and study guides functionalities soon, aiming to be your one-stop solution for all academic needs.

Don't worry about compatibility. Whiteboard seamlessly integrates with popular platforms such as Canvas, Zoom Cloud, YouTube, Panopto, and YuJa, with plans to add more integrations. Trusted by a substantial number of students, the tool is known for its user-friendly interface and commitment to transforming traditional lectures into interactive, digestible formats.

Want to try it out? Whiteboard offers a free trial option. You can get a feel of the platform and decide if you wish to upgrade for additional features. In a nutshell, Whiteboard is your comprehensive platform for academic success, loaded with features to aid your studies and enhance understanding.

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