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With the ZBrain.AI AI tool, you have the power to personalize a ChatGPT app using your unique data. The platform enables you to incorporate data from a variety of formats and sources, including text, images, documents, and APIs. Once your data is in place, the tool generates a ChatGPT-like interface tailored to your preferred Large Language Model, such as GPT-4, FLAN, or GPT-NeoX, to provide responses to your queries based on the data provided.

ZBrain.AI introduces ZBrain Flow, a feature designed to simplify the creation of business logic without the need for complex coding. With this intuitive interface, users can link multiple large language models, prompt templates, and multimedia models together with extraction and parsing tools. This allows for the development of powerful, intelligent applications. Plus, the drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to alter intricate business logic.

In addition to these capabilities, the AI tool incorporates a Risk Governance feature. This feature promotes data safety by identifying and eliminating potential risks such as Financial, Medical, Privacy, Safety, Harmful Language, IP/Code, and Confidential Info risks. It achieves this by removing sensitive information and replacing it with synthetic data through prompt engineering.

Moreover, ZBrain.AI is flexible and applicable across various industry sectors such as automotive, customer support, cyber security, education, finance, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, legal, logistics, manufacturing, retail, SaaS, and supply chain. It even provides a handy list of sample questions that you can pose to an LLM connected to a private data source, helping to optimize workflows within your company.

In summary, ZBrain.AI is a versatile AI tool that enables the creation of personalized ChatGPT applications, simplifies business logic creation, enhances data safety, and provides flexibility across various industries. It's a powerful tool that can streamline your business operations, optimize workflows, and provide intelligent solutions based on your unique data.

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